Gas Barrier Tape

An integrity testing service is available for all installations on request and third party accreditation

Key features

  • High shear strength
  • High peel strength
  • Available in five widths
  • High movement capability
  • Chemically resistant to dilute acid and alkalis
  • Life expectancy, in excess of 20 years


Optimum performance will be achieved when applied to clean, dry, dust and grease-free surfaces. Excellent adhesion to plastic, wood, metal and masonry. Recommended size application, 100mm & 70mm for polyethylenes, polypropylenes and butyl. 100mm, 70mm & 50mm for gas barriers. 30mm & 15mm radon barriers.

Suggested specification

Keyseal Tape must be applied to a dry surface into a 150mm overlap of the membrane and pressed down firmly to achieve a gas tight seal. The tape should only be applied at temperatures above 5°C.


Polybutene, inert fillers and oil with elastomeric backbone, formed into an homogeneous tape carried on a release paper.

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Product specification CE MARK to EN 13967
ProductCross linked butyl compound
Recommended service temp-40°C to +110°C
Typical test resultsObserved @ 20°C
Elongation at break200%
Service life (predicted)20 + years
Shear strength16.2N
TackVery good
Movement accommodation15%
Size100mm, 70mm, 50mm, 30mm, 15mm
ToxicityNo known toxic ingredients. Solvent free
Density1.6 g / cm²
Force compress by 20%220N
Resistance to mouldGood
UV resistanceVery good
Moisture vapour transmission rate0.24g/m² 24 hours