Keytec 295

Polyethylene Coated Woven Polyethylene

Keytec 295 is suitable for SWM Attenaution/Storage systems, containment and land capping, temporary lining, bio-piles, Japanese Knotweed, wildlife barriers and under pavement drainage lining.


  • Roll size: 1.83m x 150m
  • Fabrication to any given size
  • Contains ultraviolet inhibitors and is suitable for exposed applications
  • Resistant to Japanese Knotweed

Suggested specification

Keytec 295 is constructed from high density polyethylene tapes coated with low density polyethylene to both faces. It has a mass per unit area of >290gm² and tensile elongation not greater than 24% ASTMD 751.

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Material specification CE MARK to EN 13967
PropertyUnitValueTest method
Unit weightg/m²295ASTM D3776
Thickness (2 KN/m² pressure)mm0.6BS EN 964-1-95
Astm tapesMD10cm 48ASTM D3776
CD48ASTM D3776
Tensile grab strengthMDN1180ASTM D751
CD1200ASTM D751
Tear strength * (tongue) MDN300ASTM D2261
CD400ASTM D2261
Tensile strengthMDkN/m28BSEN ISO 10319
CDkN/m38.6BSEN ISO 10319
Tensile elongation%23.6ASTM D751
Elongation at strainMD%14.1BSEN ISO 10319
CD%15.4BSEN ISO 10319
Puncture resistancekN4.13BSEN ISO 12236
Transverse directionmm33.4BSEN ISO 12236
Scrim colourblack
Coating thickness both sidesμmblack 65.3 ASTM D1777 MOD
Resistance to RootsDDCENT TS 14416-2005