Keytec 400 High Performance

Gas Barrier

Key features

  • Five layer process membrane
  • Exceeds DPM standards
  • Extremely low gas transmission
  • Gas barrier for methane, carbon dioxide, radon and hydrocarbon - VOC vapours
  • Weldable with conventional hot air equipment
  • Aluminium foil core
  • Meets BS standards for DPC

Keytec 400HP gas barrier: Specification methane and CO²

Keytec 400HP gas membrane is loose laid to a prepared substrate. The membrane contains at least 15µ aluminium foil, reinforced with polyester multistrand scrim and encapsulated with polyethylene films. The puncture resistance has a CBR of at least 154.5N and maximum elongation of 25% with a minimum thickness of 0.600mm and a methane transmission of less than < 0.01cm³/m²/h. Keytec 400 HP is fully hot-air welded and tested for peel and sheer within the application.


Scrim reinforced polyethylene and aluminium.

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Keytec 400HP can be used in a variety of applications including the protection againt Methane, Radon, CO² gases and also Hydrocarbon vapours
Material specification CE MARK to EN 13967
PropertyUnitValueTest method
Unit weightg/m²383ASTM D 1505
Thicknessmm0.620ASTM D 5799
ElongationMD & CD2ASTM D 6693
Tensile strengthN∙50mm-MD/CD600/480ASTM D 6693.04
Methane transmission ml/m²/day/atm0.09BS EN ISO-15105-1
C0² transmission ml/m²/day/atm0.09BS EN ISO-15105-1
Radon transmissionm²/s8.0 x 10ˉ15K124/02/95
Oxygen transmissionNIL
Moisture transmissiong/m²/dayless than 0.01
Puncture resistancekN125ASTM D 4833
Resistance to RootsDD CEN/TS 14416:2005