Keytec 642P

Polypropylene Membrane

Keytec 642P is used in the construction of reed beds, lakes, ponds, slurry pits and SUDS


A flexible polypropylene geomembrane produced from a resin formulation with excellent flexibility, improved elasticity and resistance to puncture.

Material specification CE MARK to EN 13967
PropertyUnitValueTest method
Unit weightg/m²628BS ISO 965-95
Thickness (2 KN/m² pressure)1.03BSEN 964-1-95
Tensile strength at breakMDkN/m24.7EN ISO 10319-96
CDkN/m24.34EN ISO 10319-96
Elongation at strainMD%33EN ISO 10319-96
CD%31EN ISO 10319-96
Trapezoid tear strengthMDN545A STM D4533-96
CDN381A STM D4533-96
Puncture resistanceN273.3A STM D4833
Oxidation resistance testage-%11.58I SO 13438-2004
UV - exposure resistance%90BS EN 12224-2000
Determination of Resistance to Roots PASSDD CEN/TS 14416:2005