Keytec Geotextile

Keytec Geotextiles can be used for infiltration, separation and liner protection for a multitude of applications including road, railway, slope protection, river bed & bank protection, landfill construction, drainage (SUDS)

There are 3 types of geotextiles

  • Spun bonded (polyesters, spun glass )
    Application - drainage and road construction
  • Woven (polypropylene, polyester)
    Application - ground stability, road construction
  • Needle punched (polypropylene)
    Application - all types of protection to membrane lining

Larger roll sizes and specification available on request.

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Material specification CE MARK to EN 13967
PropertyUnit200300Test method
Thicknessmm1.82.4EN ISO 9864
Area weightg/m²200300EN 9863
Strength MDkN/m1422EN ISO 10319
Strength CDkN/m1422EN ISO 10319
Elongation MD%5550EN ISO 10319
Elongation CD%4555EN ISO 10319
CBR puncture resistancekN2.54EN ISO 12236
Cone drop testmm1812EN ISO 13433
Opening sizeμm10090EN ISO 12958
Permeabilitym.sˉ¹ - l/m²s8060EN ISO 11058
Roll Widthm2.52.5
Length m100100
The values correspond to average results obtained and are indicative.
Above mentioned data is informative only.