Keytec MRC 1500

Reinforced Chemical Resistant Membrane

What is MRC1500?

MRC1500 is a synthetic reinforced membrane based on a polyester textile which is molecularly coatedwith a high quality resin. The polyester tissue gives high mechanical properties to the membrane while the coating provides the waterproofing and chemical resistance. The tissue consists of polyester threads. The polyester tissue is firstly impregnated with a resin to avoid all wicking effects; then the tissues are coated with a resin. This resin is an “interethylene polymer resin” which provides the membrane with a high resistance against petroleum products and other chemicals. MRC1500 membrane is very flexible and has a high dimensional stability.

Suggested specification

Keytec MRC1500 is a synthetic reinforced membrane bored on a polyester textile which is molecularly coated with a high quality resin. It has a mass per unit area of 1092gm² and a thickness of 0.91mm.

Effect of fluid on membrane

Fluid has little or no effect - Acetic acid (5%), Ammonium phosphate, Ammonium hydroxide, Ammonium sulphate, Antifreeze (ethylene glycol), Vinegar (8º), Butanone, Calcium chloride-solution, Calcium hydroxide, Chlorine solution (20%), Clorox (bleaching agent), Diesel, Ethanol, Phosphoric acid(50%), Glycerine, Hydrochloric acid HCI (50%), Hydrofluoric acid HF (5%), Hydrofluoric acid HF (50%), Isopropyl alcohol, Potassium chloride, Potassium sulphate, Kerosene, Magnesium chloride, Magnesium hydroxide, Fertiliser solution, Methanol, Mineral spirits, Sodium acetate solutions, Sodium bisulphate solution, Sodium phosphate, Sodium hydroxide (60%), Nitric acid (5%), Oils: ASTM type 3, animal, vegetable, hydraulic – petroleum, corn, crude, raw linseed, SAE-30, transformer, Terpentine, Water (potable) 23ºc, Water (sea) 23ºc, Zink chloride, Sulphuric acid (50%)

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Product specification CE MARK to EN 13967
PropertyUnitValueTest method
Thicknessmm0.91ASTM D-751/DIN 53370
Weightg/m²1092ASTM D-751/DIN 53370
Dimensional stability%0.5 maxASTM D-1204/DIN 53377
Tear strengthMDN/mm800DIN 53515
CDN/mm771ASTM D-751 (grab tensile)
Tensile strengthMDN3646ASTM D-715/ASTM D-413
CDN3302ASTM D-751
Adhesion WeldN/5cm175ASTM D-751/D-4833
Hydrostatic ResistanceN/cm²577ASTM D-751 (ball trip)
Puncture resistanceN1238ASTM D-696
Bursting strengthN3347ASTM D-2136
Thermal expansion coefficientMm/mm/ºc1.8 x 10-5
BLow temperature resistanceºcTo -35
Roll widthm2.5
Roll lengthm200