Keytec GP-TITAN-BOND- Gas and Hydrocarbon Barrier is a multi-layer, polyethylene membrane with an bonded textile for pre-applied applications; specifically designed and manufactured to perform as a Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Radon, Ground Gas, VOC, Air & Moisture, and Hydrocarbon protection system.

Keytec GP-TITAN-BOND is a pre-applied waterproofing membrane comprised of GP-TITAN and a specialist bonded geotextile to provide a bonding layer for poured concrete specifically for waterproofing applications (TYPE A BARRIER). The product is available in roll format, 1.0 x 20m and as detailing strip at 0.3m x 20m (other dimensions available on request) in black and white colour.

Keytec GP-TITAN-BOND Hydrocarbon Barrier offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings and occupiers against all levels of hydrocarbons, methane, carbon dioxide and radon ingress. Typically these are sites previously used as petrol stations, coalfields, landfill sites, contaminated industrial sites, Fracking sites and heavily contaminated sites. The membrane also acts as a damp-proof membrane. GP-TITAN-BOND is designed to withstand the most aggressive environments. Testing has been completed in accordance with BS8485:2015 and C748 to determine the permeation rates for Methane, Carbon Dioxide and a range of VOC’s. Immersion testing has also been completed too for Chemical Resistance to EN 14414 and EN 14415.

Roll weights can be in excess of 20kg and hence appropriate care and equipment is required for unloading and handling. This product is non-toxic nor flammable.

Contact us to find out about our Keytec Titanflex – Low Permeability CO2 Gas Barrier.

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CharacteristicTest MethodUnitKeytec GP-TITAN-BOND
Physical Properties
ThicknessEN 1849-2M1.5
WidthEN 1849-2mm1.9
LengthEN 1849-2M25
WeightEN 1849-2g/m²750
Hydraulic Properties
Water Vapour Transmission RateEN 1931g/m²/day0.14
Water tightness (60kPa)EN 1928-PASS
Water tightnessEN 1928-PASS
Mechanical Properties
Resistance to Static LoadEN 12730Kg>20
Tensile Strength (MD)EN 12311 - 1N/50mm>550
Tensile Strength (CMD)EN 12311 - 1N/50mm>400
Tear Resistance (MD)EN 12310 – 1N>300/td>
Tear Resistance (CMD)EN 12310 - 1N>300
Resistance to ImpactEN 12691 - Bmm1650
Reaction to FireEN ISO 11925-2ClassE
Concrete Peel AdhesionASTM D903 (mod)kN/m>3.0
Resistance to Artificial AgeingEN 1296-PASS
Resistance to ChemicalsEN 1847-PASS
Vapour Permeability – 100% concentration
Transmission rate of BenzeneEN ISO 15105 - 2mg/m²/day2250
Transmission rate of TolueneEN ISO 15105 - 2mg/m²/day2370
Transmission rate of Ethyl BenzeneEN ISO 15105 - 2mg/m²/day400
Transmission rate of Xylene (m,p,o)EN ISO 15105 - 2mg/m²/day690
Transmission of HexaneEN ISO 15105 - 2mg/m²/day95.25
Transmission of Vinyl ChlorideEN ISO 15105 - 2mg/m²/day36.44
Transmission rate of Trichloroethene (TCE)EN ISO 15105 - 2mg/m²/day1.44
Transmission rate of Tetrachloroethene (PCE)EN ISO 15105 - 2mg/m²/day1.59
Gas Permeability
Methane PermeabilityEN ISO 15105 - 1ml/m²/day/atm0.13
Methane Permeability (Welded Joint)EN ISO 15105 - 1ml/m²/day/atm1.00
Carbon Dioxide PermeabilityEN ISO 15105 - 1ml/m²/day/atm3.01
Transmission rate of Vinyl Chloride GasEN ISO 15105 - 1ml/m²/day/atm0.04
Radon PermeabilitySP Method 3873m²/s3.0 x 10¯₁₂
Compliance and Certification
C E Mark – EN139679
NHBC Standards Compliant
BS 8485:2015 Compliant [METHANE AND CARBON DIOXIDE Barrier] and CIRIA C748 Compliant [VOC BARRIER]
BS 8102:2009 Compliant [TYPE A Waterproofing Barrier]
Durability and Chemical Resistance
Chemical Resistance – SULFURIC ACID (10% solution of Sulfuric Acid (H2S04)) 50° for 56 daysEN 14414 - ATensile strength Retained - 100%Result: PASS
Chemical Resistance – BASIC (Calcium Hydroxide saturated suspension) 50° for 56 daysEN 14414 - BTensile strength Retained - 100%Result: PASS
Chemical Resistance – SOLVENTS (35% Diesel, 35% Parafin, 30% Oil HD30 (vol) 50° for 56 daysEN 14414 - CTensile strength retained - >80%Result: PASS
Chemical Resistance – SYNTHETIC LEACHATE (Mixture of 14 acids, Chlorides, sulphates and phosphate) 50° for 56 days EN 14414 - DTensile strength Retained - 100%Result: PASS
Resistance to Leaching – HOT WATER (Deionised water) 50° for 56 daysEN 14415 - CTensile strength Retained - 100%Result: PASS
Resistance to Leaching – AQUEOUS ALKALINE (Saturated Calcium Hydroxide) 50° for 56 daysEN 14415 - BTensile strength Retained - 100%Result: PASS
Resistance to Leaching – ORGANIC ALCOHOL (30% methanol, 30% isopropanol, 40% glycol) 50° for 56 daysEN 14415 - CTensile strength Retained - 100%Result: PASS