The company supplies and installs an extensive range of products including: Gas barriers, low and high density polyethylene, EPDM, polypropylene, fpa, pvc, eia, geosynthetic clay liners, adhesive sheet membranes, gas venting systems and geotextiles.

Our products have been installed with knowledge of local building control departments, the Environment Agency and various water companies.

We are embracing offsite construction processes by investing in the first UK installed, bespoke geomembrane welding machine, manufactured by Miller Weldmaster of Ohio, USA.

As the membrane welding is carried out under factory conditions, quality management is assured and manufacturing efficiencies can be gained, resulting in savings to the end user. This process will reduce project construction times, which in turn decreases site disruption. Material wastage is also greatly reduced.

Prefabricated panels reduces site installation time and eliminates wastage from the outset for the majority of impermeable geomembrane applications, including storm water management systems such as Polypipe Polystorm and Rigistorm XL products. This system of creating bespoke membranes is also useful for sites with limited open spaces.

Our accumulated knowledge and engineering expertise, coupled with our enthusiasm for problem solving, enables Keytec Geomembranes to provide an efficient and reliable service, responsive to the needs of our clients.

All welding technicians are qualified by TWI to BS EN 13067, approval testing for plastic welders, via the internationally recognised Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel (CSWIP)

Call us for a quotation without obligation. We will provide technical support or advice either on site, or from our Newport Pagnell office.

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  • Water industry liners and associated works
  • Reed bed liners
  • Pond & lagoon liners
  • Bund liners
  • Stainless steel and aluminium components
  • Slurry pit liners
  • Gas protection
  • Methane, carbon dioxide and radon protection
  • Hydrocarbon protection
  • Gas ventilation systems and bespoke vents
  • Cut-off trench liners
  • Stormwater management systems (SUDS)
  • Adhesive sheet membrane systems
  • Walls, basements and underground structures
  • Anti-slip membranes
  • Waste containment
  • Japanese Knotweed containment
  • Root barriers

All of the above can be supplied in pre-fabricated form for self installation.