Stormwater Installation – Polystorm and Permavoid

Supply and installation or supply only of Polystorm, Permavoid, Aquadrain, geomembranes & protection fleece, inspection chambers, rainwater diffusers.

Green urbanisation and Blue / Green Roofs

Suppy and installation of Permavoid & Aquadrain and separation liners & textile, rain garden lining, rainwater diffusers.

Geomembrane Lining

Supply & Installation of liners for ponds, lagoons, containment, cut-off trenches, waste containment, slurry pits, rain gardens – these can be done on-site, many can be factory welded. We have the first UK installed bespoke geomembrane welding machine, manufactured by Miller Weldmaster. Factory welding assures quality control, reduces material wastage and increases installation efficiency.

Polydeck Bridges and Boardwalks

Polydeck is expanding and we are pleased to partner with them to install their bridges and boardwalks.

Maintenance & Inspection

Inspection and maintenance of silt pit chambers and Polypipe Sci-Clone X Vortex Separation chambers; camera surveys from inlet to tank to check for blockages; smoke tests on installed attenuation tanks.

Gas Barrier Protection Systems

Installation of gas barrier and membrane systems for methane, carbon dioxide, radon, hydrocarbons, VOC membranes and gas ventilation systems to engineer’s design.

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  •  Water industry liners and associated works
  •  Reed bed liners
  •  Pond & lagoon liners
  •  Bund liners
  •  Slurry pit liners
  •  Gas protection
  •  Methane, carbon dioxide and radon protection
  •  Hydrocarbon protection
  •  Gas ventilation systems and bespoke vents
  •  Cut-off trench liners
  •  Stormwater management systems (SUDS)
  •  Anti-slip membranes
  •  Waste containment
  •  Japanese Knotweed containment
  •  Root barriers

All of the above can be supplied in pre-fabricated form for self installation.